Fried Lamb Liver with Onions

Posted on Jan 16 2015 - 8:18am by Marianne

My nonna (grandma) loves this dish, my mother cooked it whenever she came to visit. I didn’t mind it as a kid either. I substituted flour with tapioca and when I had the first bite it just tastes like I remember.


2 large onions sliced
400g (0.88 lbs) lamb liver
1 cup (250mls) homemade stock beef or chicken
1/2 cup  of Tapioca
4 Tbls Ghee


Melt 2 Tbls of ghee into a large frypan. Add the onions and a pinch of salt and cook slowly so the onions become soft. Add 1/2 of the stock to the pan and let it simmer with the onions until reduced. Place onions aside.

Rinse the liver and remove the membrane and any tendons. Slice into thin pieces. In a bowl combine the tapioca , salt and pepper. Gently coat each liver piece and dust off any extra tapioca into the bowl and set floured pieces aside.

Once all pieces are floured heat the remaining ghee and more if you like in the frypan and once ghee is hot add the liver pieces, turn quite quickly, don’t overtook them. Add the onions and remaining stock plus 2 pinches of salt. Stir and cover roughly 5 mins, you don’t want to overcook the liver because the taste will be quite strong.

Serve hot with onions.

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Marianne found success with Paleo eating when she did a Whole 30 challenge with her husband in 2014. She hit her goal weight and improved her health and wellbeing. Marianne started giving Paleo makeovers to many of her families' traditional recipes and decided to share it with everyone on her Gusto Paleo blog.

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