Gusto Paleo is about using a traditional recipe and revitalising it to enrich

how you feel after eating it.

Me and my husband are from a strong italian background. Tho we may not speak Italian on a daily basis, we come from families where food is an important way of life.

My husband dabbled with Primal from 2011 that allowed full-cream milk produce, red wine and dark chocolate.

In 2014 we tried a stricter Paleo diet called the Whole30. We started to notice straight away how wonderful this way of eating is. We tried our first Whole30, I was a bit nervous at first but managed well and the second Whole30 was a breeze.

The result was I hit my goal weight I lost 12 kilo and felt very strong, I remember working out with a kettlebell, started at a 12 kilo one then a week later moved up to a 2o kilo kettlebell, only to try the 28 kilo kettlebell and could lift that too! I felt healthy and less bloated. Our two young children benefited from eating no processed foods as well this year, my son learnt about factory made foods and farm made foods.

So we set out to use our Italian recipes that satisfied Paleo requirements and ones that we could modify to become Paleo. We started to slow cook more and pressure cook our meats and learn about curries.
The Whole30 really makes me step back and pull on the reins to what I’m doing and think about my food choices, hidden sugars and additives. It worked for me and charged my will-power.

On occasion we have real traditional non-Paleo Italian meals when we visit family. We feel while we are still young we should take advantage of having a healthy lifestyle.

It will only save on medical bills later down the track.
If our health is on track we can focus on other important things.

Before Paleo I lived by my motto “Eat small be small” but now after a couple of Whole30’s I feel more in control and with a good balance of movement and good eating is what everyone needs.
Thank you to our families for inspiration on our recipes.

– Marianne