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Posted on Mar 31 2015 - 10:09pm by Marianne


Easter week has arrived but it really seems Christmas was just yesterday!



Easter week has arrived but it really seems Christmas was just yesterday!

In this blog post today I have some wonderful traditions and a cute little surprise at the end that you must see.

This religious day for us is about spending time with family, attending church and eating our favorite foods. Food is a big part of Easter, especially seafood on Good Friday. You will see many recipes here for a Paleo Easter. I look forward to my dads Mussels and Crab in Tomato sauce pictured below.


A tradition that came from my grandmothers family is to dye eggs and wrap it in a sweet dough recipe. I didn’t get to give this recipe a Paleo makeover this year but I’m sure I will get the chance one day.

I’ll show you how to dye the eggs like they are shown in the top picture. 

I actually dyed them with onion skins. The top two eggs are dyed with the brown onion skins and the two bottom eggs are dyed using the red Spanish onion skins. The one that is lighter is what colour they were before I coloured them. So a big difference. You could also use coloured tissue paper or a natural dye.

How to:

Just add the skins of four or more onions into a pot of water with a pinch of salt or a tsp of vinegar and bring your eggs to the boil. The water will start to change colour. Let it boil for 2 minutes then turn off and leave them to cool in the water. Making sure they are immersed in the coloured water. Use a separate pot for each colour. 

The traditional sweet bread dough is usually wrapped around the egg and baked.

This is the traditional picture of the non paleo version of Cannatuni, made by my unties.

image easter

 While on Good Friday it is a custom not to eat red meat, I have something special that you can serve on Easter Sunday.


I call them:

Meatballs on a Nest.

  • Using my meatball recipes shown here.
  • I spiraled about 4 white potato and half a large sweet potato, tossed them in oil and seasoned then wrapped them around the bottom of a greased muffin dish. I baked the potato nests for about 15 minutes at 150-180 degrees or until they were cooked through (302F-356F) I watched that they did not burn.
  • Once you remove the nests lay them on a plate and add a meatball in each one. They should actually fit on a spoon so a great entree to serve and I must say so cute!!


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing some traditions with you all.

Enjoy your Easter break and remember to “Cook with Gusto” this Easter.

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Paleo MostaccioliTraditional Paleo Mostaccioli

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