Sometimes I just don’t know what to cook….

Posted on Dec 15 2014 - 12:55pm by Marianne

I have some beef mince in the fridge, beetroot from my fathers garden, red cabbage from a friends garden, homemade olives and leftover Sweet Potato Croquettes with Pork and Apple  filling. What do I do for dinner?
Have you tried washing a beetroot straight from the garden and wrapping it in foil. Placing the beetroot on a tray in the oven at 200 degrees (392’F) for 20-30 minutes. It is the most sweetest beetroot you can ever eat with no additives. Just slice off each end and the skin will peel off.
The beef mince was fried with garlic and fresh tomato. I added 250mls of homemade beef stock and let it simmer away.
Cabbage is lovely just with oil, salt and pepper. So simple.

Yes we have those days of “what can I cook tonight?’ just look in your fridge and you should find something healthy and satisfying. If all else fails grab some eggs and fry with some greens and avocado.

Comment below some of your tasty creations you have come up with on those “what can I cook tonight?’ kind of days.

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Marianne found success with Paleo eating when she did a Whole 30 challenge with her husband in 2014. She hit her goal weight and improved her health and wellbeing. Marianne started giving Paleo makeovers to many of her families' traditional recipes and decided to share it with everyone on her Gusto Paleo blog.

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